Dome Construction

Foundation: A Monolithic Dome begins with a foundation, referred to as a ring beam footing. The footing is strengthened with steel reinforcing bars called rebar, with additional rebar extending up above the footer for attachment later to the dome shell.


The concrete floor of the dome can be integrated with the footer, common for smaller domes, or poured after the dome shell is finished.

Inflating the Dome: The dome shape and color is fabricated into the Airform, which is attached to the ring beam footing and inflated with powerful fans. The fans hold the Airform in position while building the dome's shell is accomplished on the inside. After construction, the Airform will remain as the dome's outer skin.
Workers and material enter the inflated Airform through a special airlock.


Insulation: Polyurethane foam insulation is sprayed on the inside of the Airform to a thickness of approximately three inches.


Adding Rebar: Using special fasteners anchored in the insulation, the rebar is attached a short distance away from the foam insulation.

Shotcrete: Finally, a special sprayable concrete mix called shotcrete is applied to the insulation and rebar structure to a thickness of three inches or more, depending on the particular structure's purpose. Once dry, the fans can be turned off and the basic Monolithic Dome is complete.


Shotcrete and Rebar Polyurethane foam Airform, outer surface Complete Wall


Finishing the Home: The Monolithic Dome is now ready for doors, windows, interior completion, exterior trim and landscape.